Function darkfi::zk::halo2::plonk::create_proof

pub fn create_proof<C, E, R, T, ConcreteCircuit>(
    params: &Params<C>,
    pk: &ProvingKey<C>,
    circuits: &[ConcreteCircuit],
    instances: &[&[&[<C as PrimeCurveAffine>::Scalar]]],
    rng: R,
    transcript: &mut T
) -> Result<(), Error>
where C: CurveAffine, E: EncodedChallenge<C>, R: RngCore, T: TranscriptWrite<C, E>, ConcreteCircuit: Circuit<<C as PrimeCurveAffine>::Scalar>,
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This creates a proof for the provided circuit when given the public parameters params and the proving key ProvingKey that was generated previously for the same circuit. The provided instances are zero-padded internally.