Areas of work

Every monday 16:00 CET, there is our main dev meeting on our chat. Feel free to join and discuss with other darkfi devs.

There are several areas of work that are either undergoing maintenance or need to be maintained:

  • Documentation: general documentation and code docs (cargo doc). this is a very important work for example overview page is out of date.
  • Tooling: Such as the drk tool. right now we're adding DAO functionality to it.
  • Tests: Throughout the project there are either broken or commented out unit tests, they need to be fixed.
  • Cleanup: General code cleanup. for example flattening headers and improving things like in this commit.
  • ZK Debugger: The ZKVM needs a debugger so we can interactively inspect values at each step to see where problems go wrong.
  • ZK Special Tool: We need a special tool to run zk contracts, where you can create a json file with the input values and public values, then run the zk contract without having to write any rust code. so you can write .zk files and try them out without having to write rust code. It will tell you the time to create and verify the proof, as well as the byte size of the proof.
    • We should also have Python bindings for working with Scalars, EC points, merkle trees and hashing.
  • Events System: We need to fix IRCD, we will need to implement the events system.