Type Alias faucetd::ChallengeMap

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pub(crate) type ChallengeMap = Arc<Mutex<HashMap<[u8; 32], (BigUint, u64)>>>;

Aliased Type§

struct ChallengeMap {
    ptr: NonNull<ArcInner<Mutex<HashMap<[u8; 32], (BigUint, u64), RandomState>>>>,
    phantom: PhantomData<ArcInner<Mutex<HashMap<[u8; 32], (BigUint, u64), RandomState>>>>,
    alloc: Global,


§ptr: NonNull<ArcInner<Mutex<HashMap<[u8; 32], (BigUint, u64), RandomState>>>>§phantom: PhantomData<ArcInner<Mutex<HashMap<[u8; 32], (BigUint, u64), RandomState>>>>§alloc: Global

Trait Implementations§

1.0.0 · source§

impl<T, A> Deref for Arc<T, A>where A: Allocator, T: ?Sized,


type Target = T

The resulting type after dereferencing.

fn deref(&self) -> &T

Dereferences the value.
1.52.0 · source§

impl<T> Error for Arc<T, Global>where T: Error + ?Sized,


fn description(&self) -> &str

👎Deprecated since 1.42.0: use the Display impl or to_string()

fn cause(&self) -> Option<&dyn Error>

👎Deprecated since 1.33.0: replaced by Error::source, which can support downcasting

fn source(&self) -> Option<&(dyn Error + 'static)>

The lower-level source of this error, if any. Read more

fn provide<'a>(&'a self, req: &mut Request<'a>)

🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (error_generic_member_access)
Provides type based access to context intended for error reports. Read more