Using dnetview

Finally, we're ready to use dnetview. Go to the dnetview directory and spawn a new config file by running it once:

cd darkfi
make BINS=dnetview

You should see the following output:

Config file created in '"/home/USER/.config/darkfi/dnetview_config.toml"'. Please review it and try again.

Edit the config file to include the JSON-RPC accept addresses for Alice and Bob:

name = "alice"

name = "bob"

Now run dnetview:


This is what you should see:

We haven't ran Alice and Bob yet, so dnetview can't connect to them. So let's run Alice and Bob.

cargo run a
cargo run b

Now try running dnetview again.

That's fun. Use j and k to navigate. See what happens when you select a Channel.

On each Channel, we see a log of messages being sent across the network. What happens when we send a message?

This is Bob receiving a DchatMsg message on the Channel tcp:// Pretty cool.