Collaborative wiki using peer-to-peer network and raft consensus.


% git clone https://github.com/darkrenaissance/darkfi
% cd darkfi
% make BINS="darkwiki darkwikid"
% sudo make install BINS="darkwikid darkwiki"


1 - Once Darkwiki get installed, darkwiki daemon must run in the background:

% darkwikid

2 - To update synchronized directory (default ~/darkwiki) and receive new documents from the network:

% darkwiki update

NOTE: The synchronized directory path can be changed from the config file in ~/.config/darkfi/darkwiki.toml

3 - After add/edit a document in ~/darkwiki, the changes will be published by running update command:

% darkwiki update

4 - For restore files having local changes to the original text:

% darkwiki restore

5 - For both restore and update commands, the flag --dry-run can show the changes without applying/publishing the patches

% darkwiki update --dry-run

6 - Both restore and update commands are accepting passing the files names instead of updating/restoring all the documents in ~/darkwiki

% darkwiki update file1.md file2.md