Hash of Event

type EventId = [u8; 32];


The Event could have many actions according to the underlying data.

enum EventAction { ... };


DescriptionData TypeComments
previous_event_hashEventIdHash of the previous Event
actionEventActionEvent's action
timestampu64Event's timestamp


DescriptionData TypeComments
parentOption<EventId>Only current root has this set to None
eventEventThe Event itself
childrenVec<EventId>The Events which has parent as this Event hash


The Model consists of chains (EventNodes) structured as a tree; whereby, each chain has an Event-based list. To maintain a strict order of chains, each Event depends on the hash of the previous Event. All of the chains share a root Event to preserve the tree structure.

DescriptionData TypeComments
current_rootEventIdThe root Event for the tree
orphansHashMap<EventId, Event>Recently added Events
event_mapHashMap<EventId, EventNode>The actual tree
events_queueEventsQueueCommunication channel


The View checks the Model for new Events and then dispatches these Events to the clients.

Events are sorted according to the timestamp attached to each Event.

DescriptionData TypeComments
seenHashMap<EventId, Event>A list of Events


The EventsQueue used to transport the event from Model to View.

The Model fills the EventsQueue with the new Event, while the View continuously fetches Events from queue.


Tau uses Model–view software architecture. All of the operations, main data structures, and message handling from the network protocol happen on the Model side. Further, this keeps the View independent of the Model and allows the View to focus on receiving continuous updates from it.

Add new Event

Upon receiving a new Event from the network protocol, the Event will be added to the orphans list.

After the ancestor of the new orphan is found, the orphan Event will be added to the chain according to its ancestor.

For example: in Example1 below, an Event is added to the first chain if its previous hash is Event-A1.

Remove old leaves

Remove leaves which are too far from the head leaf (the leaf in the longest chain).

The depth difference from the common ancestor between a leaf to be removed and a head leaf must be greater than MAX_DEPTH.

Update the root

Finding the highest common ancestor for the leaves and assign it as the root for the tree.

The highest common ancestor must have a height greater than MAX_HEIGHT.


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