Network Protocol

The protocol checks that Events properly broadcast through the network before adding Events to the Model.

The read_confirms inside each Event indicate how many times the Event has been read from other nodes in the network.

The protocol classifies the Events by their state:

Unread: read_confirms < MAX_CONFIRMS
Read:	read_confirms >= MAX_CONFIRMS


Inventory vectors notify other nodes about objects they have or data which is being requested.

DescriptionData TypeComments
invsVec<[u8; 32]>Inventory items

Receiving an Inv message

Allows a node to advertise its knowledge of one or more objects. It can be received unsolicited or in reply to getevents.

An Inv message is a confirmation from a node in the network that the Event has been read.

Confirmation for an Event does not exist in the UnreadEvents list. Instead, the protocol sends a GetData message to request the missing Event.

The protocol updates the Event in the UnreadEvents list by increasing the read_confirms by one.

The updated Event state changes to read when the read_confirms exceed MAX_CONFIRMS. Then, the UnreadEvents list removes the Event and adds it to the Model.

The protocol rebroadcasts the received Inv to the network.

Sending an Inv message

Upon receiving an Event with unread status from the network, the protocol sends back an Inv message to confirm that the Event has been read.


DescriptionData TypeComments
eventsVec<EventId>A list of EventIds

Receiving a GetData message

The protocol searches in both Model and UnreadEvents for the requested Events in GetData message.


DescriptionData TypeComments
MessagesHashMap<EventId, Event>Hold all the Events that have broadcasted to other nodes but haven't confirmed yet

Add new Event to UnreadEvents

To add an Event to UnreadEvents, the protocol first must check the validity of Event.

The Event is not valid in the network if it's either too far in the future or in the past.

Updating UnreadEvents list

The protocol continuously broadcasts unread Events to the network, after a certain period of time (SEND_UNREAD_EVENTS_INTERVAL), until the state of Event updates to read.


DescriptionData TypeComments
LeavesVec<EventId>Hash of Events


To achieve complete synchronization between nodes, the protocol sends a SyncEvent message every 2 seconds to other nodes in the network.

The SyncEvent contains the hashes of Events set in the leaves of Model's tree.

On receiving SyncEvent message, the leaves in SyncEvent should match the leaves in the Model's tree; otherwise, the protocol sends Events which are the children of Events in SyncEvent.


This prevents receiving duplicate objects. The list contains only 2^16 ids.

DescriptionData TypeComments
IdsVec<ObjectId>Contains objects ids

Receiving a new Event

The new received Event with unread status is added to the UnreadEvents buffer after increasing the read_confirms by one.

The Event with read status is added to the Model.

The protocol broadcasts the received Event to the network, again. This ensures all nodes in the network get the Event.

Sending an Event

A new created Event has unread status with read_confirms equal to 0.

The protocol broadcasts the Event to the network after adding it to the UnreadEvents.

Add new Event to Model

For the Event to be successfully added to the Model, the protocol checks if the previous Event's hash inside the Event exists in the Model.

In case the previous Event check fails, the protocol sends a GetData message requesting the previous Event.