DAO execution

DAO execution proof once quorum, and yes vote required have been met.

Execution proof.

  • Derive, and reveal bulla
  • Derive, and reveal proposal input coin
  • Calculate, and Reveal yes-vote 0/1 for no/yes commitment:
  • Reveal all-vote value commitment
  • Calculate, and reveal proposal coin value commitment
  • Reveal dao execution spendHook
  • Reveal proposal spendHook
  • Reveal proposal spendHook input data
  • Reveal dao spendHook input data: bulla commitment
Public inputsDescription
bulladao bulla
proposal input coin
dao coin
yes vote commitment x coordinate
yes vote commitment y coordinate
all votes commitment x coordinate
all votes commitment y coordinate
x-coordinate of commitment to
y-coordinate of commitment to
dao spendhook
proposal spendhook
input data for contract
input data for contract
proposal destination public key x coordinate
proposal destination public key y coordinate
proposal amount in proposal token
proposal token id
proposal commitment blind factor
proposerLimitgovernance token necessary for the vote to be valid
quorumminimum number of votes necessary to pass the proposal
proposal approval ratio quotient
proposal approval ratio base
tokenIdgovernance token id
dao public key x coordinate
dao public key y coordinate
bulla commitment blinding factor
yes vote a boolean as either 0, or 1
all votes value
yes vote commitment blinding factor
blinding term for all votes commitments
serial number for proposal coin
dao input coin serial number
dao input coin value
dao coin value blinding term
dao spendhook
proposal spendhook
input data for contract

Circuit checks