Type Alias darkfi_sdk::crypto::smt::SmtMemoryFp

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pub type SmtMemoryFp = SparseMerkleTree<'static, SMT_FP_DEPTH, { _ }, Base, PoseidonFp, MemoryStorageFp>;

Aliased Type§

struct SmtMemoryFp {
    store: MemoryStorage<Fp>,
    hasher: Poseidon<Fp, 2>,
    empty_nodes: &'static [Fp; 256],


§store: MemoryStorage<Fp>

A map from leaf indices to leaf data stored as field elements.

§hasher: Poseidon<Fp, 2>

The hasher used to build the Merkle tree.

§empty_nodes: &'static [Fp; 256]

An array of empty hashes hashed with themselves N times.