Module darkfi_sdk::wasm::db

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Database functions


  • Everyone can call this. Checks if a key is contained in the key-value store.
  • Only update() can call this. Removes a key from the db.
  • db_del_ 🔒
  • Everyone can call this. Will read a key from the key-value store.
  • db_get_ 🔒
  • Create a new database instance for the given contract. This should be called in the init_contract() section to create any databases that the contract might need or use.
  • db_init_ 🔒
  • Everyone can call this. Assumes that the database already went through db_init().
  • db_lookup_ 🔒
  • Only update() can call this. Set a value within the transaction.
  • db_set_ 🔒
  • Only deploy() can call this.
  • zkas_db_set_ 🔒

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