pub fn sparse_merkle_insert_batch(
    db_info: DbHandle,
    db_smt: DbHandle,
    db_roots: DbHandle,
    root_key: &[u8],
    elements: &[Base]
) -> GenericResult<()>
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Add given elements into a sparse Merkle tree. Used for exclusion proofs.

  • db_info is a handle for a database where the latest root is stored.
  • db_smt is a handle for a database where all the actual tree is stored.
  • db_roots is a handle for a database where all the new roots are stored.
  • root_key is the serialized key pointing to the latest Merkle root in db_info
  • elements are the items we want to add to the tree.

There are 2 databases:

  • db_info stores general metadata or info.
  • db_roots stores a log of all the merkle roots.

Inside db_info we store:

  • The [latest root hash:32] under root_key.

Inside db_roots we store:

  • All [merkle root:32]s as keys. The value is the current [tx_hash:32][call_idx:1]. If no new values are added, then the root key is updated to the current (tx_hash, call_idx).