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Connect to DarkFi IRC

Follow the installation instructions for the P2P IRC daemon.


This project requires the Rust compiler to be installed. Please visit Rustup for instructions.

The following dependencies are also required:

gcc, gcc-c++, kernel headersbuild-essential
clang libslibclang-dev
llvm libsllvm-dev
udev libslibudev-dev
freetype2 libslibfreetype6-dev
expat xml liblibexpat1-dev

Users of Debian-based systems (e.g. Ubuntu) can simply run the following to install the required dependencies:

# apt-get update
# apt-get install -y build-essential cmake jq wget pkg-config \
    clang libclang-dev llvm-dev libudev-dev libfreetype6-dev \

Alternatively, users can try using the automated script under contrib folder by executing:

% sh contrib/dependency_setup.sh

The script will try to recognize which system you are running, and install dependencies accordingly. In case it does not find your package manager, please consider adding support for it into the script and sending a patch.

To build the necessary binaries, we can just clone the repo, and use the provided Makefile to build the project. This will download the trusted setup params, and compile the source code.

% git clone https://github.com/darkrenaissance/darkfi
% cd darkfi/
% make


If you want to hack on the source code, make sure to read some introductory advice in the DarkFi book.


This will install the binaries on your system (/usr/local by default). The configuration files for the binaries are bundled with the binaries and contain sane defaults. You'll have to run each daemon once in order for them to spawn a config file, which you can then review.

# make install

Bash Completion

This will add the options auto completion of drk and darkfid.

% echo source (pwd)/contrib/auto-complete >> ~/.bashrc

Examples and usage

See the DarkFi book

Go Dark

Let's liberate people from the claws of big tech and create the democratic paradigm of technology.

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