Recommended Books

Core Texts

  • Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization parts 1, 2 & 3 by Ocalan. This are a good high level overview of history, philosophy and spiritualism talking about the 5000 year legacy of state civilization, the development of philosophy and humanity's relationship with nature.
  • New Paradigm in Macroeconomics by Werner explains how economics and finance work on a fundamental level. Emphasizes the importance of economic networks in issuing credit, and goes through all the major economic schools of thought.
  • Authoritarian vs Democratic Technics by Mumford is a short 10 page summary of his books The Myth of the Machine parts 1 & 2. Mumford was a historian and philosopher of science and technology. His books describe the two dominant legacies within technology; one enslaving humanity, and the other one liberating humanity from the state.
  • GNU and Free Software texts


  • The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant
  • The Sovereign Individual is very popular among crypto people. Makes several prescient predictions including about cryptocurrency, algorithmic money and the response by nation states against this emeregent technology. Good reading to understand the coming conflict between cryptocurrency and states.


  • Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes. Good beginner text.
  • O'Reilly books: Python Data Science, Python for Data Analysis


  • The C Programming Language by K&R (2nd Edition ANSI C)


  • The Rust Programming Language from No Starch Press. Good intro to learn Rust.
  • Rust for Rustaceans from No Starch Press is an advanced Rust book.


Abstract Algebra

  • Pinter is your fundamental algebra text. Everybody should study this book. My full solutions here.
  • Basic Abstract Algebra by Dover is also a good reference.
  • Algebra by Dummit & Foote. The best reference book you will use many times. Just buy it.
  • Algebra by Serge Lang. More advanced algebra book but often contains material not found in the D&F book.

Elliptic Curves

  • Washington is a standard text and takes a computational approach. The math is often quite obtuse because he avoids introducing advanced notation, instead keeping things often in algebra equations.
  • Silverman is the best text but harder than Washington. The material however is rewarding.

Algebraic Geometry

  • Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms by Cox, Little, O'Shea. They have a follow up advanced graduate text called Using Algebraic Geometry. It's the sequel book explaining things that were missing from the first text.
  • Hartshorne is a famous text.

Commutative Algebra

  • Atiyah-MacDonald. Many independent solution sheets online if you search for them. Or ask me ;)

Algebraic Number Theory

  • Algebraic Number Theory by Frazer Jarvis, chapters 1-5 (~100 pages) is your primary text. Book is ideal for self study since it has solutions for exercises.
  • Introductory Algebraic Number Theory by Alaca and Williams is a bit dry but a good supplementary reference text.
  • Elementary Number Theory by Jones and Jones, is a short text recommended in the preface to the Jarvis book.
  • Algebraic Number Theory by Milne, are course notes written which are clear and concise.
  • Short Algebraic Number Theory course, see also the lecture notes.
  • Cohen book on computational number theory is a gold mine of standard algos.
  • LaVeque Fundamentals of Number Theory