Native token

Now that you have your wallet set up, you will need some native DRK tokens in order to be able to perform transactions, since that token is used to pay the transaction fees. You can obtain DRK either by successfully mining a block that gets finalized or by asking for some by the community on darkirc and/or your comrades. Don't forget to tell them to add the --half-split flag when they create the transfer transaction, so you get more than one coins to play with.

After you request some DRK and the other party submitted a transaction to the network, it should be in the consensus' mempool, waiting for inclusion in the next block(s). Depending on the network, finalization of the blocks could take some time. You'll have to wait for this to happen. If your drk subscribe is running, then after some time your new balance should be in your wallet.


You can check your wallet balance using drk:

$ ./drk wallet --balance


To make our life easier, we can create token ID aliases, so when we are performing transactions with them, we can use that instead of the full token ID. Multiple aliases per token ID are supported.

Example addition:

$ ./drk alias add {ALIAS} {TOKEN}

The native token alias DRK should already exist, and we can use that to refer to the native token when executing transactions using it.

We can also list all our aliases using:

$ ./drk alias show

Note: these aliases are only local to your machine. When exchanging with other users, always verify that your aliases' token IDs match.

Minting tokens

On the DarkFi network, we're also able to mint custom tokens with some supply. To do this, we need to generate a mint authority keypair, and derive a token ID from it. We can simply do this by executing the following command:

$ ./drk token generate-mint

This will generate a new token mint authority and will tell you what your new token ID is. For this tutorial we will need two tokens so execute the command again to generate another one.

You can list your mint authorities with:

$ ./drk token list

Now let's add those two token IDs to our aliases:

$ ./drk alias add WCKD {TOKEN1}
$ ./drk alias add MLDY {TOKEN2}

Now let's mint some tokens for ourselves. First grab your wallet address, and then create the token mint transaction, and finally - broadcast it:

$ ./drk wallet --address
$ ./drk token mint WCKD 42.69 {YOUR_ADDRESS} > mint_tx
$ ./drk broadcast < mint_tx

$ ./drk token mint MLDY 20.0 {YOUR_ADDRESS} > mint_tx
$ ./drk broadcast < mint_tx

Now the transaction should be published to the network. If you have an active block subscription (which you can do with drk subscribe), then when the transaction is finalized, your wallet should have your new tokens listed when you request to see the balance.