To deploy the p2p network, we need to configure two types of nodes: inbound and outbound. These nodes perform different roles on the p2p network. An inbound node receives connections. An outbound node makes connections.

The behavior of these nodes is defined in what is called a Session. There are four types of sessions: Manual, Inbound, Outbound and SeedSync.

There behavior is as follows:

Inbound: Uses an Acceptor to accept connections on the inbound connect address configured in settings.

Outbound: Starts a connect loop for every connect slot configured in settings. Establishes a connection using Connector.connect(): a method that takes an address returns a Channel.

Manual: Uses a Connector to connect to a single address that is passed to ManualSession::connect(). Used to create an explicit connection to a specified address.

SeedSync: Creates a connection to the seed nodes specified in settings. Loops through all the configured seeds and tries to connect to them using a Connector. Either connects successfully, fails with an error or times out.