Using the tokens we minted, we can make payments to other addresses. Let's try to send some WCKD tokens to 8sRwB7AwBTKEkyTW6oMyRoJWZhJwtqGTf7nyHwuJ74pj:

$ ./drk transfer 2.69 WCKD \
    8sRwB7AwBTKEkyTW6oMyRoJWZhJwtqGTf7nyHwuJ74pj > payment_tx

The above command will create a transfer transaction and place it into the file called payment_tx. Then we can broadcast this transaction to the network:

$ ./drk broadcast < payment_tx

On success we'll see a transaction ID. Now again the same finalization process has to occur and 8sRwB7AwBTKEkyTW6oMyRoJWZhJwtqGTf7nyHwuJ74pj will receive the tokens you've sent.


We can see the spent coin in our wallet.

$ ./drk wallet --coins

We have to wait until the next block to see our change balance reappear in our wallet.

$ ./drk wallet --balance