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Directory Structure

DarkFi broadly follows the standardized unix directory structure.

  • All bundled applications are contained in bin/ subdirectory.
  • Random scripts and helpers such as build artifacts, node deployment or syntax highlighting is in contrib/.
  • Documentation is in doc/.
  • Example codes are in example/.
  • Script utilities are in script/. See also the large script/research/ subdir.
  • All core code is contained in src/. See Architecture Overview for a detailed description.
    • The src/sdk/ crate is used by WASM contracts and core code. It contains essential primitives and code shared between them.
    • src/serial/ is a crate containing the binary serialization code, which is the same as used by Bitcoin.
    • src/contract/ contains our native bundled contracts. It's worth looking at these to familiarize yourself with what contracts on DarkFi are like.

Using DarkFi

Refer to the main README file for instructions on how to install Rust and necessary deps.

Then proceed to the Running a Node guide.

Join the Community

Although we have a Telegram, we don't believe in centralized proprietary apps, and our core community organizes through our own fully anonymous p2p chat system which has support for Nym and Tor.

Every Monday at 16:00 CET in #dev we have our main project meeting.

See the guide on darkirc for instructions on joining.

Contributing as a Dev

Check out the contributor's guide for where to find tasks and submitting patches to the project.

If you're not a dev but wish to learn then take a look at the agorism hackers study guide.

Lastly familiarize yourself with the project architecture. The book also contains a cryptography section with a helpful ZK explainer.

DarkFi also has a project spec and a DEP (Drk Enhancement Proposals) system.